Thursday, May 19, 2011

Construction Progress of Devon Tower 05/16/2011

Currently the Devon Tower is about 45 stories tall. The overall look of the final product is starting to take shape. Glass is being installed on all of the buildings except for the auditorium. The escalators have been installed on the first floor of the rotunda area.

In addition to construction a few other interesting notes of the Devon Tower over the past month include:
-2 people were arrested after base jumping from the tower. I am not sure which floor they jumped from, but security notified police when they saw two men with parachutes early in the morning.
-There is a large GO THUNDER banner on the north side of the Tower due to the OKC Thunder in the playoffs. They tried to add a second one to the south side, but the strong Oklahoma winds wouldn't allow it.

Next time I will try to get pictures of the new street-scape around the city to show how Devon's Tax Increment Financing (TIF) district money is being spent. The project for re-doing downtown streets is known as Project 180.

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