Thursday, September 29, 2011

Construction Progress of Devon Tower 09/27/2011

The Devon Tower has officially reached its full height of 50 floors. See the linked article to -

The coolest picture in this post is one of the Devon Tower looking toward the southwest on 9/16/2011. On that day there was low cloud deck and all of the other downtown buildings were below the clouds except the Devon Tower.

The other pictures below don't show too much different than what was seen in August. A few more floors had glass windows installed. The big change is the top of the tower is starting to take shape. You can see the added beams above the finished concrete section. These beams gently slope into the center of the building as the height increases. This will leave the polished look seen in the design picture in my Aug. 2011 post.

I am still not sure how the elevator situation works on the 50th floor, so maybe one day I will take a tour.

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