Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Construction Progress of Devon Tower 10/28/2011

The top of the Devon Tower is starting to take shape now.  All three sides have the steel in place.  I expect them to begin installing some of the glass windows in November.  The rest of the tower continues as well.  The first 10 floors or so look to be nearly complete.  These floors are now using the lighting system that was installed rather than the temporary construction lights.  

Some of the windows on the side with the construction elevators have been installed.  It looks like they have installed these windows up to about the 15th floor.  This lends me to believe that the main construction work on these floors is complete.

Also, the road, W Sheridan Ave, has be torn up immediately south of the Devon Tower. 

I plan to get a higher resolution camera to take pictures in November. 

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